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About Me

I have 25 + years of graphic design experience. I have a strong background in project management, social media, print, web design, and fine art

My granddaughter Olivia and I.

Artist & Designer


I am a Ventura County native, currently living in Ventura. I love coastal living and all the activities that come with being so near the ocean. I love getting outdoors, hiking with my dogs, and the beach. I’m also enjoying Ventura’s great art and music scene. I’m driven by curiosity, challenge, and a desire to make the world a better place.

Let's Create Something Together

Seven Petals
The alchemical seven-petalled flower, symbolizing the seven planets and seven stages of transformation, relates psychological to “evolution in time” the slow process of becoming conscious. ~ Carl Jung
As I’m always striving to grow as an artist & designer and as a person.

Social media has become the most influential and important virtual space where the platform is not only used for social networking but is also a great way of digitally advertising your brand and your products.
Social media’s power is commendable as you get to reach a large number of people within seconds of posting an ad, helping you reduce your costs, and making your ads reach out to your potential audience through these social media advertisements.
I’m also experienced in print, giving me an edge between print and web.

These logos are organizations that are near and dear to my heart!

Chopra’s 21-Day Meditation saved my life.

Resource for mind-body health, meditation, personal growth, nutrition, and more.

Wild Idea Buffalo Company’s Mission is to regenerate the prairie grasslands, while improving our home planet and our food supply, by bringing back the bison.

I focus on helping individuals and small to medium-sized
businesses get their much needed print and online presence.