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Portrait Paintings

I paint, draw, design graphics of all shorts because it’s what I’m good at. Besides most profoundly it is when I feel most like myself, especially painting gives me the deepest sense of fulfillment. 

I’m always growing as an artist but the one thread in my work would be the human body. It’s the eyes {they are my main focus mostly}, although I love the details of the human anatomy.

Although I don’t intend to paint only people, I intend to paint what I find interesting and beautiful. Moving both in a somewhat realistic style and abstract, to be absorbed by the paint, intensely engaged that it all developed and evolves over time.

For me, it is not just the end product but the process. I love the planning of the painting, the feel of the canvas, the smell of the oils and turpentine. It is where I belong.

My theme of people and their style is different and colorful, with a social commentary and statement of social it al norms.

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