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Beautiful Handmade Paper

Paper is Beauty

I use Abaca to make my paper.  Abaca’s harvested from a plant in the banana tree family. Each sheet is handmade using a screen, then air-dried. Due to the nature of handmade paper, thickness and color may vary from sheet to sheet. Sheets have a natural deckle edge.

What We Do

Welcome to Beth’s Handmade Cards

and I’m always making new cards. Abaca is the fiber I use; it is from the banana tree. It is a type of rice paper, but not made from rice. I add pigment, artisan ribbons, glitter, silk fiber, dried flowers, semi-precious stones, color vellum inserts, and whatever I think will be pretty.
I do special orders for weddings, holidays, and any occasion.
I’m working on a new series with intentions for healing, grounding, and love. I have plans for birthdays with birthstones and birth astrology signs.



Product Updates

I’m making new cards all the time. See what I have come up with next.

Make sure to check back now and then!